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How To Protect Yourself Within A 6-Foot Distance

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We provide you with general education and instructions on what you need to wear for personal protection equipment, or PPE, so you can work NOW and MORE SAFELY. Our information is based on available science from the CDC, OSHA and industrial hygienists.

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Why a Mask and Goggles Protect You from the Virus

why mask goggles protect you


CDC & OSHA mandate that all employees and employers must use N95 Masks within an infectious zone, yet they restrict everyone other than the medical community from buying and using them.  The N95 mask is the “standard” cited by the CDC and OSHA for proper protection against the virus. It is fully vetted and recommended by all agencies. Recently, new guidance in procuring acceptable KN95 (N95 substitutes) masks has been published. Please view our blog that expands on the certification and how you can safely purchase these masks (click or tap).

PPE Protocol Comparison Chart
- Less Than 6 Feet Distance -

Working Safely within the 6-Foot Zone

Protection Area

Medical PPE Protocols

Mold PPE Protocols

Virus PPE Protocols

Keep Yourself Safe with Available PPE


Medical PPE

Mold PPE


Keep Safe with PPE


Goggles or Face Shield or both

Goggles or Face Shield or both

Goggles or Face Shield or both

Goggles, Face Shield or both – When neither are available use eye coverings that cover as much as the eye as possible.

2.Nose and Mouth

N95 Respirator or better

N95 Respirator or better

KN95 Respirator or better

The N95 is prohibited with the exception of medical; There are commercial respirators that equal or exceed the N95 such as those used by mold or asbestos abatement (very short supply); The KN95 is now suggested and is the most logical mass use choice based on potential supply, there are defined issues with the KN95 which are described on this website and must be addressed (mostly not getting fakes or under-performing masks)


Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves


Gown or Suit

Tyvek Suit

Gown, Tyvek Suit or Coveralls

Choice of Designated Work Outfit – Snugger Fit; Non-Pull Over Top



Tyvek Suit

Booties, Suit or Designated Work Shoes

Choice of Designated Work Shoes – EZ Clean

Donning & Doffing Protocols

Donning and Doffing, also known as putting on and taking off your PPE

Critically Required per Exact Protocol

Critically Required per Exact Protocol

Required per Exact Protocol

Required.  The better you follow the protocol, the safer you are.  It’s most important to properly sanitize your PPE every day, bag and clean your clothes and shoes, and most importantly absolutely wash your exposed skin properly after removal of your PPE.

Tony Tutorials: Practical Guide To Keeping Safe (3 Parts)

Part 1: Protect Yourself - From Minimum to Maximum Protection pdf icon

1. Cloth Mask and Street Clothes – Not PPE
2. Cloth Mask & Ski Goggles – Much Improved but Still Not PPE
3. KN95 Mask, Rated Goggles and Street Clothes – Minimum Requirement PPE
4. KN95 Mask, Rated Goggles and Gloves – PPE Addition
5. KN95 Mask, Face Shield and Gloves – PPE Option to Goggles
6. Add Body Style Clothing & Easy Clean Shoes with Goggles – Practical Full PPE Outfit
7. Or Instead of Goggles, Use a Face Shield
8. Now Add a Head Hood, This is Total PPE Head Protection. Recommended for Highly Infectious Zones!
9. Complete Professional PPE Virus Protocol with N95* and Tyvek Suit Addition

See Hygienist Protocol for Business

Part 2: Doffing - The Proper Removal Method Of PPE's pdf icon

Without proper decontamination, or doffing, all the effort you use protecting yourself is useless

1. Virus Laden Worker in Practical PPE
2. Unzip and Roll off Top
3. Roll Off Bottoms and Step Out
4. Remove Shoes
5. Remove Mask and Goggles
6. Thoroughly Clean Face, Neck & Hands with Soap & Water
7. Put on New Gloves and place your Mask in a Recycle Bin
8. Place Contaminated Clothing in a Laundry Bag for Re-Use
9. Disinfect Goggles for Re-Use
10. Disinfect Shoes & Leave to Dwell for Re-Use
11. Remove Gloves, Wash Hands Again & You are Ready to Go Home


Part 3: Your Car - Clean Or Dirty? pdf icon

Clean Car (You Want Your Car Virus-Free)

1. Enter your Car in Street Clothes
2. Arrive at Work & Put Your PPE On
3. Finish Work – Doff/Decontaminate at Work
4. Put Your Street Clothes On & Go Home

Dirty Car (There May Be an Active Virus In Your Car)

1. Enter Car in Work PPE from Home
2. Work All Day and Re-Enter Car with PPE Still On
3. Drive Home in Your PPE
4. Doff Once You Arrive at Home in a Safe Area

no1Step 1:  Dress any way you like

no2Step 2:  Wear Goggles and a N95 mask (properly fit) or KN95

no3Step 3:  Once you don your mask and goggles, you either cannot touch them until you have completed your task or you must properly doff them off and on.  This means you must wear gloves, wash hands, never touch your mask or goggle with anything other than clean hands or new gloves and never ever  touch the inside of your mask or goggles until you are finished with them for the day

no4Step 4:  You are done with your day.  You must remove all your clothing (except for your gloves) for bagging and cleaning; leaving on your gloves, mask and goggles.  Remove your mask and goggles and set aside.  Remove your gloves and immediately wash your hands then your face and neck.  Put on new gloves and either dispose or set for re-use of your mask and sanitize your goggles for re-use.  Once everything is put away, remove your gloves and soap and shower your entire body.

With only Mask and Goggles as your actual PPE you have protected yourself to the level of a medical practitioner (also because you doffed properly).  Once you understand this concept you are in control of how protected you are at any time you choose.

This means you can fly, be next to anyone and, most importantly,


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