About Tony Madureira

Who is Tony?

Like most of us, Tony is a reflection of his upbringing. He was raised in a blue-collar environment where hard work, perseverance and doing the right thing paid off. Attributing his success to his fundamental core values, Tony built a thriving construction company that's lasted over 35 years. He has expanded his business across several states, adding multiple divisions along with hundreds of employees.

Tony began his career working for his family's construction business in New York when he was 15. He headed west to attend San Diego State University, and during his undergraduate study, he formed his company, "AV Builder.” He spent the first several years managing small projects, but his first big break occurred when he was awarded a two-million-dollar reconstruction contract. Eager to impress his client, Tony implemented a program called “Timeline” to create project-wide schedules. Armed with this innovative tool, Tony walked onto the job ready to make a difference. At first, his pioneering techniques were not well received, but once the project was complete, every subcontractor lauded Tony's system and continued to work with him for years.

Why Listen to Tony?

No one could have imagined that we would be in the situation we're in, but being an innovator at heart, Tony feels compelled to help. He is researching what kind of “Personal Protection Equipment,” or PPE will help his employees, colleagues, and friends across all industries return to work safely.

With over 30 years of construction expertise, Tony has experience in mold remediation where he protected his team from airborne toxins. Proper PPE was needed for all essential workers, but he faced a supply shortage. Despite the obstacles, he was able to successfully navigate through the shortages, coming up with creative solutions without hampering his project's momentum.

Now, on a larger scale, Tony is reaching out to friends and colleagues, and has also tasked his entire management team, to think outside the box and find PPE solutions to keep everyone safe while performing their essential tasks. He is collaborating with practical thinkers, such as construction managers, biologists, and industrial hygienists, to find a way to work efficiently while not compromising health.

Although his circle of contacts has provided creative solutions, he needs more help from people LIKE YOU. Tony wants to encourage the innovative American workforce to step out, share ideas, and solve this problem together. The more we create an open forum for discussion, the sooner we can get back to work safely.

Tony knows it's possible to return to the workforce while not jeopardizing health. In fact, he's so passionate about Americans returning to their vocations that he created a video to share with you in the belief that together, we WILL get back to work.

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