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June 4, 2020 - from SDMetro Magazine, Daily Business Report

The Urgent Need for Safety Guidance Within 6 Feet 

Research shows that exposure to the COVID-19 virus over time creates increased risk. This is been amplified in outbreaks at food packaging plants, restaurants, and senior care facilities to name a few. 

tony madureiraTony Madureira is a professional mold remediator who has been protecting his employees from mold, which has the same .3-micron particles as the virus, for about 15 years with no incidents.  

Madureira asserts the scientific-based recommendations for mold by professional hygienists hold the key to his success rate within the six-foot infection zone and cautions businesses and employees need guidance within that zone in order to realize greater safety outcomes. 

"The public has been provided numerous documents with workplace guidelines from OSHA and the CDC, but they don't offer enough guidance for workers who operate in the less than a six-foot bubble," said Madureira, founder of Back to Work After COVID. "Even the State of California's Workplace Specific Plan by industry states the importance of social distancing, but it doesn't address what employers need to do to keep their employers safe within six-feet. We started this public awareness campaign so business, community and local government leaders can become aware of the gap in guidance and get the critical information that is absent from current credible resources. California represents the country's largest state economy. If we're going to lead in the comeback, we cannot ignore this critical, identified risk." 

Back to Work After COVID invites employers and employees to access infectious zone demonstrations, education and business strategies to help them operate safely in the six-foot environment.

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